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Digital Garden

A digital garden is a website that moves away from posting regularly scheduled content to creating hypertext content or interlinked web of notes focused on themes that are of interest to the site owner or digital gardener. The digital gardener shares with the public content as a work in progress rather than as a finished product.

Just like a vegetable garden, this site is a place to plant new seeds to enhance my personal learning experience or journey. While most of my content is derived from my personal experiences, books, articles, blog posts, CPE training courses, and other educational sources, I hope that that my observations, mashup of ideas, and hypertext content will provide value to others as well as to me.

A digital garden has tasks similar to a gardener including planting new seeds (ideas, frameworks, and concepts), pruning ideas, weeding out stuff that just doesn’t create value, and, hopefully, to help small business harvest value using the concepts they learn this site.

This digital garden is built using Jekyll and is hosted on Github Pages.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.